Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Opportunity in Finance

A good number of students graduating from the best management schools of the country often choose finance as their specialization. With good reason too, because finance is the classic management discipline and one of the key aspects of business analysis and forecasting. A business needs to be constantly in touch and in control of its spending and saving in order to maximize its profits. A competent financial management centre with a tem of high-aptitude finance professionals is essential in any business that is focused on profits and growth.
The advantage that finance professionals from the best B-schools of the country have is that they have a general idea about business processes in major multinationals and that they are also familiar with world-class best practices of finance, cost control and profit models. They are highly sought after by the world’s best known companies because of the impact they can make to planning and operations. Every company has a venture(s) that is/are strategic. These can be in the form of a project arising because of product development or an opportunity that the marketing/development team suggests that the business undertake in a given market situation.
In such a scenario, the finance team is among the first ones to be consulted and it is imperative that they give a professional, realistic and time-bound statement on the financial stakes involved and on questions of pricing options and rate of profits possible. They might also be required to predict financial trends and answer questions on data gathered from various sources and presented to them. Sometimes they might even be required to make a presentation on any financial issue that needs to be addressed at the earliest.
All these dynamics of job description make the top notch finance professionals, strategic human resources that are important at every stage of a business. Business on the global stage has always been full of new and better product launches, introduction of new services, initial public offering (IPO) and consolidation in the form of mergers, acquisitions (M&A) and restructuring. In every such occasion or situation, the finance professionals need to be on their toes and on the top of their game to deliver one step ahead of business requirement.
Financial analysts, credit risk assessment, equity research, corporate finance, hedge funds, cost and profit analysis, business planning and analysis, deal origination, investment banking, audit systems, underwriting, funds transfer, corporate governance and taxation, capital markets, accounts payable, international funds, foreign exchange, trade finance, commercial and mercantile banks are some of the major areas that the best finance professionals can expect lucrative job offers from.
Source: Top Talent

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