Friday, March 20, 2015

JEE Main 2015 official site Creates some confusion

JEE main official site has uploaded questoins under the headline : Question Papers JEE(Main)-2015 Paper I... suggesting as if they are questions of 2015. But further opening the site reveals that it has uploaded questions of 2014. 

It is useful for students who have not seen questions of 2014 or solved it.

JEE Main 2015 questions

Thursday, March 19, 2015

NTSE 2015 Result Ranchi-Jharkhand: FIITJEE Sweeps Result

NTSE Stage one conducted in November 2014 was announced. Out of 89 students selected from Jharkhand, 22 are from Ranchi. and out of these 22, 20 are students of FIITJEE-Ranchi. This was informed by Mr Rajesh Karn, Centre head-FIITJEE and Mr Pankaj Kumar-AGM

NTSE 2015 Result of FIITJEE_Ranchi_Jharkhand

NTSE 2015 Result of Ranchi_Prabhat Khabar

School Share:

DPS:                                               4
JVM-Shyamli:                                6
Surendranath:                                 4
DAV Gandhinagar:                        2
St Thomas:                                     1
Tender Heart:                                 1
loreto:                                             1
Kairli:                                             1
DAV Bariatu:                                 1

S. No. enrollmentno candidatename School Name NTSE Roll No. Rank

1 9062821370058 Tiyasha Mitra Delhi Public School, Dhurwa 221150130085 2

2 9062821370134 Anirudh Anil Ojha Surendranath Centenary School 221150103287 4

3 9062821370214 ABHYUDAY PANDEY Jawahar Vidya Mandir, Shymali 221150101226 5

4 9062821370037 Pratimesh Singh Kairali School, Dhurwa 221150102074 6

5 9062821370007 Urvashi Dhar Delhi Public School, Dhurwa 221150130127 6

6 9062821370033 Amitanshu Kumar DAV Public School, Gandhi Nagar 221150102092 7

7 9063821370009 Animesh Singh

8 9062821370055 Kumar Shivam Jawahar Vidya Mandir, Shymali 221150101245 7

9 9062821370001 Abhijit Saurabh St. Thomas School, Dhurwa 221150101244 8

10 9063821370006 Nishant Singh Chouhan Surendranath Centenary School 221150102076 8

11 9062821370040 Abhijeet Kumar Singh Jawahar Vidya Mandir, Shymali 221150101241 10

12 9062821370009 Mayank Kumar Delhi Public School, Dhurwa 221150130113 12

13 9062821370011 Shubham Saha Delhi Public School, Dhurwa 221150130198 12

14 9062821370157 Snehan DAV Public School, Bariatu 221150103135 12

15 9062821370187 Utkarsh Kumar Jawahar Vidya Mandir, Shymali 221150101171 13

16 9062821370041 AAYUSH ANAND Jawahar Vidya Mandir, Shymali 221150101246 13

17 9062821370027 SAI SOUMYA DARSHAN DAV Public School, Bariatu 221150103212 13

18 9062821370131 Shivesh Sinha Tender Heart Sr. Sec. School,

19 9062821370043 AYUSH KUMAR Surendranath Centenary School 221150102291 14

20 9062821370102 SHAEZA TABREZ Loreto Convent, Doranda 221150101436 14

21 9062821370073 Mayank Kumar Jawahar Vidya Mandir, Shymali 221150101215 ST 1

Chouhan Surendranath Centenary School 221150102075 7

Tupudana 221150130477 14

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

INMO 2015 achiever from Jharkhand is Shubham saha of DPS Ranchi

Shubham Saha of DPS Ranchi sole achiever from Jharkahnd in INMO

Shubham Saha of Delhi Public School Ranchi has been selected as one of the awardees for 

INMO (Indian National Mathematics Olympiad) – 2015. Its a matter of immense pride because 

he is the only one who has been selected from the state of Jharkhand.

RMO (Regional Mathematical Olympiad) was held on 07-12-2014 in which 5 students from DPS 

Ranchi performed brilliantly and they were invited to participate in INMO. 

In the first round Shubham Saha of class X secured 1stsecond round he is the only one from the state who has been selected. He will be going for a 
month long training camp in April at the Homi Bhabha Centre for Science Education, Mumbai.

Dr. Ram Singh Principal DPS Ranchi congratulated him for his extraordinary performance in 

INMO and blessed him for all his future endeavours. He also said that such students are the 

true jewels of our school and in the years to come they are the ones who will make the nation 

 position in the state of Jharkhand, in the 

Sri Manohar Lal Joint Regional Coordinator of Olympiad for Jharkhand also appreciated 

Shubham’s performance and wished him the very best in life.

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Munger Ganga Bridge photo: Latest

Ganga is lifeline of Cow Belt and munger owes its tradition and glory to ganga.....Went to See the bridge......lates pic..... 8th march.....2015

Munger Ganga Bridge: Rail Track

Latest Pic of Munger Ganga Bridge

Munger Ganga Bridge:Road Track...from the down side

Munger Ganga Bridge: Rail Track

Friday, March 6, 2015

NIT 2015 Cut Off: Trichy, Warangal, Surathkal, Delhi, Bhopal, Allahabad, Patna, Jamshedpur,Rourkela, Durgapur

Dear Students

We are giving last round cut off for differnt NITs

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Siddharth Shankar
Pre Counselling Division
Psychographic Society-Ranchi
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These are cut off for Home State....For more detail call us....Students outside Ranchi Can register for Telephonic Pre Counselling

JEE Main 2015 Best Counselling Centre_Ranchi_Jharkhand_India_Cut off_Marks_Rank_Top NITs

Top 5 Career Counselling Centre_Ranchi_Jharkhand_India_IIT_NIT_AIIMS_AIPMT_CLAT_NIFT_BBA


JEE-Main 2015 Expected Cut off: FIITJEE, ALLEN, Sri Chaitanya, Resonance, Aakash: Analysis by top coaching Institutes

Dear Students

It is very important for all aspirants of JEE 2015 to know the expected cut off.

we are giving benchmark based on cut off from 2013/2014 and  expected cut of as announced by top coaching institutes

Best wishes

Vikas Kumar

JEE Main 2015 Expected Cut off

As posted by Sr Faculty Mr Pramod Singh Rana on FB:

What Next???
JEE - Mains 2015 is at least over now, you all must be anxious to know the cut off for it.
So, here is my prediction that the JEE mains 2015 cut off would be between 105-110 for CML, for other categories it would be more or less same as last year.
If your score lies in the range of 150+, then u must take JEE Advance very seriously n should devote about 14-15 hours of committed work everyday from now. Do almost one topic each day of physics, chemistry n math each in the next 25 days. Then do all previous year JEE papers(last 10 years only) as exam in three hours sitting, two each day n analyse it in detail.
Consult your mentors to rectify the common mistakes done.
N Lastly join some relevant n balanced JEE Advance test series to check urself under the simulated conditions.
Make these 48 days of your life as the best 48 days ever, such that u would always feel proud about it when ever u vil think abou it any time in future. Yeh 48 days tumse koi Nahin cheen sakta.....isme tumhe apna best dena hai. Aur agar tum apna best doge.... To tumse best koi ho Nahin sakta.
It's the last few kms of the marathon u have been running for the last two years or more. Fill ur lungs with fresh oxygen n blood with energy molecules n brain with right activators to complete the race the way you wanted to....
I'm sure, If u give your best.... It won't be less.... It would take u to d finish line.

As per pagal

JEE Main 2015 cutoffs, rank predictor
The JEE Main 2015 offline Paper I was held on 4th April, 2015. Nearly 11 lakh candidates appeared for this paper (out of the 13 lakh applicants who registered for JEE Main 2015). Now, you must be wondering about the likely cutoff score in JEE Main 2015 for being eligible to appear in the JEE Advanced 2015 exam. In this article, let us discuss the cutoff score in JEE Main 2015 and let us look at the rank prediction for JEE Main 2015.
JEE Main 2015 cutoffs:
We at PaGaLGuY spoke to a lot of students to understand their experience and also analysed the paper ourselves. Based on this analysis, we have come out with a precise estimate of the cutoff in JEE Main 2015.  As per our analysis of JEE Main 2015, the cutoff score for eligibility to appear in JEE Advanced 2015 should be around 118-120 for General category candidates, 75-77 for OBC, 55-57 for SC and 50 to 53 for ST category candidates. Do note that this is our estimate of the cutoff. The actual cutoffs may vary from the predicted cutoffs by +/- 5 marks.
JEE Main 2015 Rank Predictor:
Based on our analysis of students' expected scores, we have also created a list of scores that a student needs to get in order to have a good chance of getting a high All India Rank in JEE Main 2015. This list is presented here:
Score in JEE Main 2015               Likely Rank in JEE Main 2015
            320 +                                               in top 100
            300 - 320                                         101 - 200
            290 - 300                                         201 - 500
            270 - 290                                         501 - 1000
            250 - 270                                        1001 - 2000
             230 - 250                                       2001 - 5000
             210 - 230                                        5001 - 10000
             190 - 210                                         10001 - 20000
             170 - 190                                         20001 - 35000
             140 - 170                                         35001 - 50000
             120 - 140                                        50001 - 75000
Do note that this list assumes that a student's performance in his board exams is proportional to his performance in the JEE Main exam. Since a student's All India Rank is dependent on his performance in the board exams as well, hence, better performance in the board exams would push up the student's All India Rank and vice versa.
The All India Rank of each student is calculated on the basis of the student's performance in the JEE Main and his performance in his board exams. In order to calculate a student's rank, first of all, his composite score is calculated using the formula:
C = 0.6 * JEE Main score + 0.4 * Normalized board performance, where C is the composite score.
Each student's rank is then calculated on the basis of this composite score.
Now that you know the expected cutoffs and your expected ranks, you can plan and prepare better for the future.
All the Best!

JEE Main 2014 Cutoff:

Cut-off score for appearing in JEE (Advanced) – 2014 Vs 2013

Cut-off Score 2014
Cut-off Score 2013
Common Merit List (CML)
Other Backward Class (OBC - NCL)
Scheduled Caste (SC)
Scheduled Tribe (ST)

JEE Main NIT Pre counselling Program at Ranchi @95707-95071

Stage 1: Rs 1000
Stage 2; Rs 1000

50 % Fee Waiver to students securing 80 % and above.....75 % fee waiver to students securing 90% or 10 CGPA///

JEE Main - Advanced 2015 Solution by FIITJEE, Resonance, Sri Chaitanya, Allen,Aakash, Narayana, Vibrant, VMC

Dear Students

We will be uploading/providing link solutions of all top coaching institutes of India. This is brought to you by Psychographic Society in association with Analyse your Self.

Analyse Your Self will be fastest to put solution in 2015 by 4 pm.....

We will be uploading solutions of following institutes at the fastest speed....

Sri Chaitanya

and many more

All the best !!


Vikas Kumar

Here are some  links of 2014

JEE Main 2014 Solution by Sri Chaitanya

JEE main 2014 Solution by Aakash

JEE Main 2014 Solution by Resonance

JEE Main 2014 Solution by Vidyalankar

Top Aspirants of JEE Main and Advanced 2015

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