Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Interview With Shraddha Mehta From IIM Calcutta Who Bagged A Job Offer From CRISIL

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Crisil is a well known global analytics company and many finance students yearn to work at this prestigious company. Shraddha Mehta, an alumnus of BITS-Pilani, Goa Campus, who is pursuing her MBA from IIM Calcutta, has bagged a job offer from Crisil. We at Toptalent.in got an opportunity to speak to her. Brimming with joy and confidence, she shares her experiences with us and gives some tips to future aspirants.

TopTalent: Can you describe the complete hiring process?
Shraddha: There were three rounds. First, we had been shortlisted based on our CVs. The shortlisted candidates had a Group Discussion on a general topic like “Is India’s democracy a burden?” Finally, we had personal interviews taken by a panel of two. I had one interview which lasted 40 minutes. I was asked personal questions like “Why do you want to join Crisil?” and “Why did you choose finance?” and questions about my CV, my work during my summer internship in RBS, the projects I had done in Finance to test my knowledge. They had also asked me which was my favorite finance subject and asked me some questions from it. The stress, however, was mainly on the personal questions.

TopTalent: What would be your job description and what are your expectations?
Shraddha: I will be joining as a management trainee. I will be working in different division of Crisil on a rotation basis in the period. I will be acting as an Executive Assistant to the President in each of these divisions. I am looking forward to some challenging work in the company.

TopTalent: Did your engineering & BITS background help in any way during the interview process?
Shraddha: Yes, it did. I had included some points in my CV from my stay in BITS, like some of the positions of responsibility I had held.

TopTalent: Which was the toughest interview question and how did you answer it?
Shraddha: The interviewers asked me to convince them why I wanted to work in a company like Crisil and not a bank. I explained to them my interview experience in a bank and highlighted the things I did not like about it and mentioned how it would change if I joined a firm like Crisil. That was the turning point of my interview.

TopTalent: How much preparation did you put in to win this opportunity?
Shraddha: I had thoroughly prepared my personal questions and brushed up my CV according to the company. I also did a basic revision of my finance courses.

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