Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Interview With Vikram Rathi Who Grabbed An Amazing Offer From Deutsche Bank This Summer

 From Top Talent

Varun Deshpande | 
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Vikram Rathi is a graduate of IIT Kharagpur and IIM Indore who had dreamt of making it big one day and not so surprisingly here we are today talking to him about his 32 Lakhs offer from Deutsche Bank. His hard work and dedication has certainly paid off but he has also become an inspiration for a lot of talented youngsters, some of whom are our regular readers to dream big and work hard towards it. Vikram worked in Coal India for 11 months before taking the management route. He was among the top 10% of his entire batch and also managed to clear his CFA level 1 exam which he thinks helped him a lot. We at TopTalent had the opportunity to interact with Vikram to understand what motivates him to dream big and how did he work towards it.

1. TopTalent : Were you expecting such an offer when you decided to join IIM? What was your reaction?
Vikram : Well, my honest answer would be YES. I would say that anybody who’s looking forward to go for an MBA, should aim at the best possible jobs available at that campus. Top reason for that would be it will motivate one to work harder. I have seen many people who were not shortlisted for top jobs during internships, were in the hot-list during finals. In addition to this, if you are well prepared for day Zero companies, certainly you will get placed within first two days.
I was extremely happy when I got selected for internship at Deutsche Bank, after a long process. Later, I got it converted into a PPO. Landing up into a good job well within your MBA duration is the best thing that can happen to you.

2. TopTalent : Can you talk about the difficulties you faced and what did you learn from it?
Vikram : I believe greatest difficulty faced by me at IIM was the stiff competition. Most of us were having brilliant academic background and great knowledge-base. People were ready to compete for every single mark in every single exam. During internship as well, I could see people competing with same rigor.
I would say that most important thing is focus. At times, students get engaged into many activities and eventually, are not able to do justice with any of them. Better way is to choose academics and one or two fields of interest.

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