Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Exclusive Interview with Ravi Kiran from BITS, Pilani who got placed in Google, Microsoft and Facebook in 2012

Interview by Team Top Talent
Ravi Kiran
Even if we were to search around the world, it would be a truly difficult job to find someone like Ravi Kiran. As a Computer Science Graduate of BITS Pilani – Pilani Campus, he successfully bagged job offers from an astounding three companies – all being some of the best and most admired companies in the world – Google, Facebook and Microsoft. We, at TopTalent.in, managed to talk to this amazingly humble genius, who hails from Hyderabad.
And before we forget, Ravi has also agreed to share his resume with our users so as to help them with their preparation. So don’t forget to grab a copy by logging in. Here is the exclusive interview in its original form.
Team TopTalent.in: What were the similarities and differences between Google, Microsoft and Facebook Interviews?
Ravi: All three of them share the prestige of being some of the best tech companies in the world. As you would expect, their interviews are designed to ensure the recruitment of top talent. An obvious similarity amongst their interview processes (for undergraduates, at least) is them being vastly algorithmic in nature.
There are multiple interview rounds in each recruitment process. For Microsoft there were 4 while Facebook conducted 3. For Google, I was a previous intern and, hence, faced just 2 rounds. Another noticeable thing was the presence of design questions in one of the rounds by both Microsoft & Google. However, by no means, can this be a generalization to the interview process of any of the companies. At the end of the day, this only reflects how each of them is aiming to assess a candidate’s potential to the greatest amount in the shortest period of time.
Team TopTalent.in: How did you choose between Google, Facebook and Microsoft?
Ravi: The more thought I put in the decision making process, the more confused I got. One of the major things I believed was that none of them was going to be a bad decision, so it was always safe to pick any one of them and not go wrong. Ultimately I chose Google, since I liked it as a company. I must confess that it was mostly a gut-feeling based decision.
Team TopTalent.in: What is the kind of skill-set that companies like these, are looking for in candidates?
Ravi: Even though I’ll keep one of the companies in mind, that is Google, to answer the questions further on, I can safely say that this answer of mine applies vastly to the three of them. The skill-set sought out is that a candidate [...]

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