Wednesday, July 13, 2016

IISER 2016_1st Round Allotment_JEE Main _Channel_Thiruvananthapuram_Pune_Bhopal_Mohali_Kolkata

JEE channel First round 


First round allotment result of JEE channel is given below.

You must download your offer letter from the Application portal. The offer expires at 4 PM of 12 July 2016, Tuesday.

Candidates who have been offered through IIT-JEE Channel may note that unless you pay fee to the respective IISER your candidature would be cancelled on the offer expiry date and you will not be considered for FLOAT option. No request later would be entertained.

There may be a second round of allotment for JEE channel candidates depending on the vacancies at various IISERs after the registration period of the first round.

Sl no Application No Name Present Allotment
1 100020 Aasadeep Singh Mohali
2 100052 Kishan Sankharva Kolkata
3 100068 Ankan Bohara Bhopal
4 100367 Ankur Tiwary Mohali
5 100539 Prempal Mohali
6 100650 Appu S Tirupati
7 100748 Soumava Paul Bhopal
8 100906 Ayush Basu Kolkata
9 100933 Hitesh Vilas Wankhede Pune
10 100967 Ankit Choudhary Mohali
11 101094 Ishita Das Pune
12 101132 Aarsh Chotalia Pune
13 101187 Yash Mangesh Kadam Pune
14 101196 Pragya Gupta Bhopal
15 101349 Dev Verma Thiruvananthapuram
16 101479 Yash Kulkarni Pune
17 101873 Abhinav Bhatnagar Bhopal
18 101912 Jeevan Suresh Navgire Pune
19 101944 Harshavardhan Karthikeyan Thiruvananthapuram
20 102035 Chahat Chawla Mohali
21 102065 Priyanka M. Tirupati
22 102071 Pronoy Biswas Thiruvananthapuram
23 102113 Santanu Malik Kolkata
24 102328 Wrishik Naskar Pune
25 102332 Sumit Ranjan Berhampur
26 102350 Rishabh Sharma Bhopal
27 102358 Shivam Kant Bhopal
28 102450 Gaurav Khemka Mohali
29 102563 P Thiruvasakan Mohali
30 102643 Adharsh Rishi Kiran K Thiruvananthapuram
31 102654 Daattavya Aggarwal Kolkata


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