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Prasoon Kumar Jha: IIT Topper AIR 1 in 1993 : DPS Bokaro Student who still motivates young aspirants

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In my normal google search coincidently i came across blog of one of the brightest students of the country whose name still inspires one and all in  Bokaro and Jharkhand. Except for his success story i had no idea about the person whom every one loved to know more.

I have compiled some information from his blog and pic from his FB profile for young students who draw inspiration from him. The way he has answered many querries in blog is indeed highly appreciable.

Read few information about him here and go to his blog for more

Vikas Kumar

First point that he made in his blog

Hello all, I was born in 1974 to Mr Parivesh Kumar Jha and Mrs. Pushpa Jha of Bokaro Steel City. I grew up in Bokaro Steel City, Bihar and studied Computer Science in IIT Kanpur. My surname is Jha, but I don’t use it formally. I used that name till class X. Then, when I enrolled for my matriculation (class X), I removed it with the consent of my father. I was just being idealist. But, that (Prasoon Jha or Prasoon Kumar Jha) is the name with which many close friends still call me.


Hello all, I was born in 1974 to Mr Parivesh Kumar Jha and Mrs. Pushpa Jha of Bokaro Steel City (wikipedia link). That was the year, when some smart computer researchers invented something called the Internet Protocol suite or TCP/IP for short. 3 decades later, this internet and mobile is my life! I grew up in the emergency era in Bokaro Steel City, Bihar and studied Computer Science in IIT Kanpur. [About picture: This is the picture I used in class 12 for CBSE anad engineering exams!] I moved to the land of opportunity USA for work in 1997. I am back in India 6 years later. I love yoga, Hindi music, parks, museums etc. I have spent my time working in Pune, Mumbai and Bay Area. I like the way internet and mobile have changed our lives. I wish to become a part of this history of mankind.
Here is my professional snippet:
  • 16+ Years of work experience in software requirements gathering, analysis, design, development, testing and support.
  • Strong experience in software development and technical consultancy at software startups.
  • Product Management experience in both services and product organizations.
  • Experience working in diverse work cultures, in terms of organization size, organizational life stage, and geographical location.
  • Extensive experience in design and development of web application products based on theASP.NET as well as Java platform.
  • Internet / Mobile marketing strategy, Media recommendation, Ad-serving, Campaign optimization, Ecommerce strategy,
  • Ecommerce enablement, Web2.0 marketing through blogs etc.
  • Strong interest in efficiency improvements. This has included a strong focus on agile product development like automation, unit testing, refactoring to build solutions incrementally.
To know more :

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